Three Red Rings of Death

Three Red Rings of Death

Tips For Avoiding the Xbox 360 Three Red Rings of Death

The three red rings of death on the Xbox 360 is not welcome by all gamers. Many think it signals that the end is near and that the end is way past. While that may be true for some, there are some things you can do to make sure that you do not get the dreaded three red rings of death. PEPEE 페페 젤

Avoid T removable components.

T whether or not you have a T removable motherboard, make sure that you do not have one of those. They can cause the Xbox 360 three red rings of death. They are bad! Avoid having removable components and that includes memory cards, controllers, and USB devices.

Fix it Yourself.

Fix it yourself. That is, if you are a good enough Xbox 360 repair technician and can work with the screws and washers in the right places. Otherwise, you can send it to Microsoft and they will fix it for you. The good news however, is that Microsoft repairs 3 red rings on Xbox consoles for free if your Xbox 360 is still covered under its warranty. The bad news is that it may take several weeks to get your Xbox console back. While that is good for you, consider this. Your Xbox 360 is now no longer under warranty and you have to pay upwards of $140 plus shipping and handling and possibly towing and delivery. I don’t know about you but that is not a very good option.

Know what to look for when purchasing a repair guide for the Xbox 360 Three Red Rings of Death. Make sure that the guide covers every option, even those that will void your warranty, for a mere $25 or less! That is how you get the best deals and how fast! That is of course, if your warranty is still active. If your warranty has expired, then contact Microsoft so that they can fix it and ship it back to you. The plus side is that it does not take as long as the two week waiting period Microsoft puts up, or the $140 plus shipping and handling. However, you should still be aware that even if your warranty is still active, Microsoft still takes a bit of time to send your console back. It may be done faster, but that is still a ways off.

Until then, use common sense and make sure that your console is unplugged from anything physical while you take these steps. If it does work, then great, but if it does not, then you just wasted some time, effort, and money, so think carefully before you spend more money on promising a fix for the Xbox 360 Three Red Rings of Death.

A simple fix, such as allowing your console to cool off for a bit may fix the problem, so see if that is the problem before you pay again. If it works, great, but if it does not, then don’t beat around the bush, because time is money. If it does work, great, but if it does not, then don’t waste your time or money. Unless you know someone who is an expert on Xbox 360 repair, then don’t buy a guide just because the repair process involves one. These guides may not only be complete garbage, but could also hurt your Xbox 360. For that reason, I strongly recommend that you buy a repair guide that is used by actual Xbox 360 repair professionals. This way, you will know exactly how to repair your console by fixing the Three Red Rings of Death problem yourself with the help of a functioning Xbox 360. The repair guide that I bought took a long time to get the results that I wanted. Luckily, I was able to view the videos before purchasing the guide. I tuned them out before doing anything to my Xbox 360. By the way, I paid only $29.95 which is way less than the $140 that Microsoft was charging. If you want to see in depth comparison of the top 3 guides, go to the link below.